Monday, January 21, 2013

Where is the Salmon Roe?

Fellow Chefs, 

It’s come to our attention that users are having trouble finding Salmon Roe. We understand that clear instructions are not available in game regarding this ingredient.

You can find Salmon Roe through the following methods: 

There is a chance of collecting Salmon Roe after crafting Salmon from Giant Salmon at the Wholesale Station. There is no guarantee that Salmon Roe will drop so be sure to use the moon pond to find giant fish and craft salmon multiple times.

Look for friends who have prepared dishes using Salmon Roe.  Through neighbor visits, collect from Salmon Roe dishes on counters. To increase your chances of collecting 1 Salmon Roe, visit the same neighbor multiple times using 1 action each time to collect from the same dish. 

Moving forward we will be sure to include more descriptions and clear instructions. Thanks for your understanding.
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