Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sushi - Part 3

Pride of JapanThe Best of Sushi 1 of 3

Give 8 Chef's Service with Oshi Sushi
Earn 2 Mastery Stars on Spicy Tuna Roll
Ask for 10 Japanese Lanterns

Win 10 Japanese Lantern decor items and more!
The Best of Sushi 2 of 3
Earn 2 Mastery Stars on Dragon Roll
Tend 8 neighbor's Wild Onions
Give 10 VIP Service

The Best of Sushi 3 of 3
Cook 7 times with Sushi Roll
Earn 2 Mastery Stars on Shrimp Tempura
Craft 8 Wasabi on the Rinser

Win 1 Japanese Gate, 3 Giant Tuna and 2 Instant Spice

Extra Advanced Sushi
Expert Sushi Master 1 of 3Upgrade Sushi Master Station to Expert
Chef's Serve 3 Tuna Sashimi
Collect from the Blue Crab Trap 4 times

Sushi with a Kick
Expert Sushi Master 2 of 3Buy and Finish the Wasabi Garden
Craft 2 Wasabi on the Rinser
Earn 1 Master Star on Dragon Roll

Jumbo ShrimpExpert Sushi Master 3 of 3
Buy and Finish the Shrimp Crate
Serve Tuna Sashimi 5 times
Chef's Serve Shrimp Tempura 3 times

Earn Giant Tuna, Soy Sauce, XP
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