Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to find the most commonly used ingredients

Hello Chefs!

We know that ingredients play a very important role in our restaurants. With that being said, here's a guide how to get the most commonly used ingredients: 

1. Salmon Roe - This can now be obtained by crafting Salmon from your Wholesale Station, every single time! 
2. Giant Tuna/Tuna - The Moon Pond should be a steady source of this ingredient, make sure to catch them come out of Sea Weeds! 
3. Blue Crab - Blue Crab Traps should prove useful for this ingredient.
4. Salt - To keep the game social, neighbors should be your source of this ingredient. We also would like everyone to know that we're currently exploring ways on how to have this ingredient more available for everybody!
5. Blueberries - Make sure to click the "Show Me" button to check for hiding patches of  this ingredient! If in case the Blueberry disappears, refresh your game and they should be back! Also, you can check your feeds for Blueberry Posts to get more!
6. Carne Asada and Chorizo - You can get them from the Specialty Meat Stand. Also, you can post for Carne Asada and request for Chorizos! 

Here are more tips:
- Your neighbors are your bestfriends - Any ingredient you need, check your neighbors for it!
- Game Feeds - Make sure to utilize this link ChefVille Feeds to filter all your game feeds and claim ingredients from your friends!
- Feel free to use Ingredient Swap Meet portion in our Forums page!

We hope this helps you out!
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