Friday, January 25, 2013

Madeline's Southern Comfort Food Station goals

Minimum Mastery Star Requirement: 9 Mastery Stars

This timed event will last for 10 days and the goals will be released in 2 parts.

Smother the Chicken
Place and build the Southern Comfort Food Station
Cook Smothered Chicken 3 times
Tend Milk Truck on Neighbor's board 7 times
Rewards: 4 Cornmeal, 10 XP and 15 Coins

Hush, Puppy
Place and build Cornmeal Crates
Gather 9 Tomatoes
Have 1 Mastery Star for Hush Puppies
Rewards: 4 Gravies, 10 XP and 15 Coins

The Comfort of Gravy
Get 6 Southern Comfort from friends
Tend 15 Mushrooms (Neighbor or your restaurant)
Serve Cornmeal Grits with Gravy 2 times
Rewards: 1 Porch Swing decoration, 10 XP and 15 Coins
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