Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Earn the Japanese Koi Pond

Photo: Earn the Japanese Koi Pond with jumping fish when you complete the Better Your Sushi goals! (Available at 60 Mastery Stars!)

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Earn the Japanese Koi Pond with jumping fish when you complete the Better Your Sushi goals! (Available at 60 Mastery Stars!)

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

ChefVille - Bubble Safari Ocean CROSS PROMOTION

Play the newest hit game Bubble Safari Ocean and get these 5 ingredients added to your inventory.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bounty Paper Towel Rack - FAQ

Minimum Mastery Level: 5 Mastery Stars

This is a timed event.

After placing the Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towel Rack, you may harvest spices every 24 hours for a maximum of 7 times, until December 31st, so start yours now! (The Towel Rack will disappear automatically after 3 weeks.)

A Big Mess
Place and Tend your Bounty Paper Towel Rack
Gather 4 Tomatoes
Cook 4 Philly Cheesesteaks
Rewards: 1 Salvage Sage, 2 Sirloin Beef and 5 XP

Less is More
Tend 2 Bounty Paper Towels at your friends' restaurants
Get 8 Paper Towel Rolls
Cook 4 Calzones
Rewards: 2 Salvage Sage, 4 Romaine Lettuce and 50 Coins

Note: The information listed above was collected prior to release. The ChefVille game studio reserves the right to change the details of this event at any time without warning.

Holiday Countdown FAQ

What happens in the Holiday Countdown?
- You get a Holiday Spice Oven but the dishes are locked!
- You can unlock the dishes by completing goals. To access these goals, click on the Countdown Clock on the left. Each goal requires you to collect special Holiday Spices from your friends! As soon as you get enough spices, that dish will become unlocked.
- Go back to the Holiday Spice Oven to cook the unlocked dishes and earn Mastery Stars!

How do I get the Holiday Spice Oven?
- Start the quest: Seasoning’s Greetings! The first task will guide you to place your Holiday Spice Oven.
- The Holiday Spice Oven is available in the Marketplace for 1000 coins.

Why are all the dishes locked on the Holiday Spice Oven?
- Dishes will become available to unlock on certain dates.
- To unlock the dishes, you need to complete different goals.
- Access the goals by clicking the Countdown clock icon in the upper, left-hand side of your screen. Keep coming back – dishes become available to unlock over time.

Can I unlock dishes before the date shown?
No. The dishes will become available for unlocking automatically on the date shown – but not before.

Do I need to unlock the dishes in a certain order?
No. You can unlock them in any order once they become available.

How do I check my progress on the dishes for the Holiday Countdown?
Click the Countdown Clock icon in the upper, left-hand corner of your screen.

How do I unlock the dishes?
- To unlock an available dish, click the “Show Me” button under that dish in the Holiday Countdown Clock dialog box.
- Complete the tasks in the next dialog box, which consist of collecting the special holiday spices.
- Once you have enough holiday spices, the dish will be unlocked and available to cook on your Holiday Spice Oven. Keep asking friends for more spices – you have limited time!

What happens when I unlock all the dishes?
You will receive a Spice Stand so you can get more spices so you can cook more and earn more Mastery Stars!

What happens at the end of the Holiday Countdown?
You only have a limited time to unlock recipes and to collect spices from your friends. At the end of the Countdown, you will not be able to unlock any more recipes or collect special spices from your friends. So hurry – get those spices from your friends to you can unlock the Holiday Spice Oven dishes. When time runs out, you won’t be able to get more spices or unlock dishes!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Colby's Bread Box Goals

Minimum Master Star level: 15 Mastery Stars

This is a timed event where you can increase the inventory cap on wheat bread from 15 to 20. After successfully upgrading your cap, you will get a refill of bread.

The Bread Friend
Place and build the Bread Box
Cook 4 Hamburgers
Chef Serve 5 Hamburgers (Click on the Hamburger thought bubble over your customer's head)
Rewards: 2 One Hour Thymes, 10 XP and 30 coins

A Cut Above
Ask for 8 Bread Slicers
Cook 12 times with Bread
Serve 6 Philly Cheese Steak
Rewards: 2 Artisan Bread, 15 XP and 50 Coins

Tomorrow's Bread Today
Serve Grilled Steak PAnini 5 times
Serve Calzone 4 times
Cook Bruschetta 12 times
Rewards: Breakfast Table, 20 XP and 50 Coins

Note: The information listed above was collected prior to release. The ChefVille game studio reserves the right to change the details of this event at any time without warning.

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Here's some FREE energy to help you with the Winter Feast! Share the holiday cheer!

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Are you looking for Tuna?

Hello Chefs, 

There has been a lot of concern surrounding where and how to locate Tuna for the new sushi goals. The Japanese Fish Market expansion will be released in the next series of sushi quests. When available, this expansion will include a Tuna Boat for more access to Tuna. In the meantime here are some tips to locate Tuna

1. Neighbor restaurants are always a good source of the ingredient, just make sure to remind them to cook Tuna-based recipes! To increase your chances of collecting Tuna from dishes revisit the same neighbor multiples times using 5 of 5 actions on the available Tuna dish
Madeline is also a good Tuna resource. There is no guarantee to receive Tuna from Madeline but its worth a shot. 

2. Finish the Sushi Apprentice goal! You'll get 4 Tuna as a reward!

3. Use the Wholesale Station wisely! Remember that 1 Giant Tuna is equals to 10 Tuna. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shiro's Sushi Station Goals

Minimum Mastery Star Requirement: 60 Mastery Stars

Sushi Apprentice
Buy and finish the Sushi Master Station
Serve 1 Salmon Nigiri
Collect from the Water Pump 3 times
Rewards: 4 Tuna, 5 Seaweed and 10 XP

Fatty Paddy
Buy and finish the Rice Paddy Planter*
Earn 1 Mastery Star on Fatty Tuna Nigiri
Craft 1 Sushi Roll on the Rice Rinser**
Rewards: 1 Giant Tuna, 5 Seaweed and 10 XP

*: The Rice Paddy Planter will allow you gather 1 Short Grain Rice per harvest. You can have up to 3 Paddy Planters in your restaurant.
**: The Rice Rinser allows you to craft Sushi Rice or Sushi Roll
Slice, Rice and Bowl
Buy and finish the Wholesale Station***
Craft Tuna on the Wholesale Station
Earn 1 Mastery Star on Chirashi
Rewards: 1 Giant Tuna, 7 Seaweed and 50 XP

***: The Wholesale Station allows you to craft King Salmon or Tuna

Limited Time Quest : The timer will last for 7 days (expires 12/21)

Rule the Salmon
Serve 3 Rainbow Rolls
Chef Serve Chirashi 5 times (Note: Click on the thought bubble with Chirashi to serve the dish to your customers)
Craft 1 Giant Salmon on the Wholesale Station
Rewards: 3 Sushi Rolls, 6 Seaweed and 15 XP

Sushi Rice Ritual
Tend the Water Pump 10 times
Have 2 Mastery Stars on Tamago Nigiri
Ask for 6 Bamboo Rolls
Rewards: 3 Sushi Rolls, 1 Giant Tuna and 15 XP

Rice Two Ways
Earn 3 Mastery Stars on Rainbow Roll
Cook 7 times with Rice Noodles
Craft 10 Sushi Rice on the Rice Rinser
Rewards: 3 Giant Tuna, 3 Giant Salmon and 2 Instant Thyme

Note: The data listed above was gathered before the feature was released. Please keep in mind that the values may be different from what is currently in the game.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Event 2012 Goals

Holiday Equipment
Place and Build Winter Stovetop
Place the Winter Oven
Place 8 Holiday Decorations to winterize your restaurant!
Rewards: Unlocks Elf outfit, Holiday Decoration Item and 10 XP

Dancing Sugarplums
Have 5 Dancing Sugarplums
Tend 6 neighbors' Bread Racks
Cook 5 Winter Meat Pies on the Winter Oven
Rewards: Unlocks Chef Santa Hat, unlocks Spiced Stuffed Apples recipe and 2 Green Beans 

Do the Green Bean
Place and build the Green Bean Barrels
Cook 4 Green Bean Frittata on the Winter Stovetop
Have 6 Winter Ribbons
Rewards: Unlocks Winter Snowman, 3 Apples, 2 Unsalted Butter and 30 XP

Family Feasting
Serve 2 Green Bean Casseroles from the Winter Oven
Have 2 Winter Ribbons for Ginger Beef Chinese Takeout
Have 15 Winter Ribbons to unlock a new Mastery Star
Rewards: 2 Soybeans, 2 Kidney Beans and 1 Tofu

End of the Tuesday goals. More will be coming later. Stay tuned!

Holiday Event 2012 FAQ

The Winter Holiday Event is here! Below you'll find answers that will guide you through this event:

What is the minimum Master Star level in order for me to participate?
You need at least 9 Mastery Stars.

Will this be a timed event?
Yes, this event will last for 10 days. It is set to expire on December 20, 2012.

Will this event include Ribbons?
Yes, this event will include Ribbons.

What is the ultimate reward for collecting all of the Ribbons?
You will receive decor items and Mastery Stars! 

Will there be multiple releases of this feature?
Yes, the two-week event will be divided into two major releases (week 1 and 2). Week 1 will be divided into a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday release. Week 2 will release Monday and Tuesday the following week. Keep in mind that these dates are subject to change.

Will the Event Hall change for the Holiday Event?
Yes, the Event Hall will change to match the occasion. Clicking the Event Hall will direct you to the Holiday Event goals. 

Will my customers be dressed in a holiday outfits?
Yes, your customers will be dressed in holiday attire during this event.

I see presents growing in my restaurant. Why?
The presents will be growing in your restaurants, like pumpkins and cranberries from our previous events. Clicking on it will drop an ingredient for your Winter dishes. This ingredient will be added into your inventory. You'll also have a chance to collect a holiday teddy bear when you click on the stack of presents!

Will the presents continue to grow after the Winter Event has expired?
No. Once the Winter Event has ended, presents will no longer appear in your restaurant.

I have a teddy bear. What do I do with it?
It’s a holiday decoration! You can place the teddy bear from your inventory into your restaurant to make it feel more festive! There are 4 different teddy bears, so if you are lucky, you will be able to collect all of them.

How many times can I harvest from the stack of presents?
You can harvest the stack of presents 3 times and it will disappear.

Is the Winter Feast Chef’s Table something I have to staff?
Yes, you must staff the Winter Feast Chef’s Table in order for it to work. Once your customers have finished their meal on the Winter Feast Chef’s Table, they will drop some rewards. Please keep in mind that you will need to staff the table again in order for you to feed your customers and receive rewards. Please note that ChefVille reserves the right to change the rewards at any time.

How many Winter Feast Chef’s Tables can I have?
You can have only one.

I need Ginger. Where can I get some?
You can get Ginger by clicking on the stack of presents! You can also get Ginger from Ginger Crates. They work very similar to the Pumpkin Haybale from our Halloween event. Once you have built the Ginger Crate, you will be able to harvest Ginger from it 3 times. After the third harvest, the Ginger Crate will disappear.

Note: The information listed above was collected prior to release. The ChefVille game studio reserves the right to change the details of this event at any time without warning.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Are your Broccoli and Dip and Cheese Pizzas not counting?

Hello Chefs, 

It has been brought to our attention that users are having issues completing the "Ginger Snaps" and the "Get the Curd Out" goal because of the Broccoli and Dip and the Cheese Pizzas are not counting towards the task? 

The said dishes are actually required to be "served" to the customer by you or your waiter. Once the dish gets to your restaurant's customers from your counters, that's the time you'll see the progress count.

We hope this clears the issue for you. Happy cooking!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ginger's Milk Truck Upgrade Goals

Minimum Mastery Star Requirement: 13 Mastery Stars

This feature is slowly rolling out to our players. We appreciate your patience.

The Dairy Show
Upgrade the Milk Truck*
Craft 2 Ranch Dressing
Tend 6 neighbors' Milk Truck
Rewards: 3 Broccoli, 2 Parmesan Cheese and 10 XP

*: Harvesting the upgraded Milk Truck will drop 1 Milk plus another random ingredient (1 Milk, 1 Mozzarella OR 1 Unsalted Butter)

Ginger Snaps
Serve 2 Garden Salads
Serve 6 Broccoli and Dip
Ask for 8 Snappy Jacks
Rewards: 2 Cheese Sauce, 15 XP and 15 Coins

Land of Milk and Milk
Upgrade Dairy Market**
Harvest 6 Butter from Dairy Market
Cook 2 Calzones
Rewards: 2 Cow-themed Walls, 1 Cheddar and 15 XP

**: The upgraded Dairy Market (level 2) will drop 1 Milk plus another random ingredient (2 Milk, 2 Mozzarella OR 2 Unsalted Butter)

Get the Curd Out
Craft 6 Dough
Serve 6 Cheese Pizzas (Note: Use the Brick Oven to cook Cheese Pizzas)
Perform Chef Service 4 times for Caprese Salad (Note: Click on the Caprese Salad thought bubble over your customer's head to serve them)
Rewards: 3 Butter, 2 Parmesan and 15 XP

Cook 10 times with Mozzarella
Give VIP Service 6 times (Note: Click on a customer who are asking for a rose to give them VIP service)
Collect 10 Shopping Totes
Rewards: 3 Fontina Cheese, 25 XP and 30 Coins

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Are you having issues with the Rapid Rosemary Crate?

Fellow Chefs,

It has been brought to our attention that users are having issues completing the goal that requires you to build the Rapid Rosemary Crate. The ChefVille team has identified this problem and this should be fixed soon. 

If you are affected by this issue, kindly click the "Please Fix" button below. This will help us track how many users have been affected by this. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Locked Fondue Recipes?

Fellow Chefs, 

It's been brought to our attention that users are unable to access the Tomato Fondue and Fonduta recipes despite having an upgraded Cheese Cellar. The ChefVille team has identified this problem and expect to have both recipes available as soon as possible. Once corrected, players with an upgraded cheese cellar will have access to both the Tomato Fondue and Fonduta recipes. We understand players would like to cook these dishes as soon as possible. 

If you remain effected by this issue please click the "Vote To Fix" button below. This will help us track how many people have been effected by this issue. Thanks for your patience while this problem is corrected. 

Are you missing Mastery Stars?

Fellow Chefs,

The ChefVille team was able to track the problem and the issue about the missing Mastery Stars should be fixed by now. 

If you are still affected by this issue please click the "Please Fix" button below. Let's keep on cooking! 

Ginger's California Milk Ribbon Event

Minimum Mastery Star Requirement: 5 Mastery Stars

This is a limited time California Milk Ribbon event.

Way California Cool
Place and build Real California Dairy Stove*
Cook 3 California Cheesy French Bread dishes on the Real California Dairy Stove
Tend neighbors' Milk Truck 3 times
Rewards: Unlocks The Real Char Cheese Burger recipe, Unlocks California Cheese Strata recipe and 4 Unsalted Butter

*: You can cook The Real Char Cheese Burger, Mushroom and California Cheese Tartlets, California Garlic Cheese Pepperoni Pizza, California Cheesy French Bread and California Cheese Strata dishes on this stove.

Milk Mates
Place the Real California Dairy Fridge**
Serve 2 The Real Char Cheese Burger from the Real California Dairy Stove
Cook 3 times using Milk
Rewards: Unlocks Mushroom and California Cheese Tartlets recipe, 4 Milk and 10 XP

**: You can harvest this a total of 6 times and then it WILL DISAPPEAR. You will receive 2 Butter, 2 Cheddar, 2 Milk, 2 Butter, 2 Mozzarella and 2 Cheddar.

Cheese of California
Give Chef Service 3 times to California Cheese Strata dish (Note: Click the Californi Cheese Strata thought bubble over your customer's head to serve the dish)
Cook Mushroom and California Cheese Tartlets 2 times
Collect 8 Dairy Memories
Rewards: 2 Cheddar Cheese, 2 Parmesan Cheese and 10 XP

Dairy Dairy
Tend neighbors' Cheese Racks 5 times
Cook California Garlic Cheese Pepperoni Pizza 2 times
Earn 8 California Dairy Ribbons
Rewards: 1 Instant Thyme, 4 Milk and 10 Cow Floor Tiles

California Milk Ribbon Rewards
Real California Dairy Marble Cow Statue
Cow-Print Table

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rapid Rosemary FAQ

Every once in a while, our chefs may run out of counter space when they are cooking various dishes. Rapid Rosemary is a spice that will clear all of the servings for a single dish in exchange for DOUBLE the coins!

What is the minimum Mastery Star requirement?
You will need at least 9 Mastery Stars to participate.

Will this be a timed event?
Yes, the event will last for 10 days (expires on 12/9 8:00 PM PST).

Where can I find details about the goals?
You can find details about the goals here.

Is the Rapid Rosemary Crate supposed to disappear?
Yes, after collecting all of the Rapid Rosemary spices from the crate, it will disappear.

How do I use Rapid Rosemary?

  1. Hover the cursor over an occupied counter.
  2. Click the counter to clear it.
  3. The Rapid Rosemary interface will appear.
  4. Click to use Rapid Rosemary on the dish
  5. Your coins will appear and your counter will be clear!

If you need to purchase more Rapid Rosemary spice, you can find them in the Marketplace.

Note: Please keep in mind that the images taken were captured prior to the release and are used for illustration purposes only. Prices may change after the feature reaches production.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Colby's Cheese Cellar Upgrade

Minimum Mastery Star requirement: 55 Mastery Stars
This is a timed event that will last for 6 days.

To the Cellar Door
Upgrade the Cheese Cellar*
Collect from the Upgraded Cheese Display 5 times
Cook Broccoli Cheese Soup 8 times
Rewards: 1 Gruyere Cheese, 3 Mozzarella Cheese and 50 Coins

*: Your upgraded Cheese Cellar will randomly drop one of the following cheese ingredient per harvest: Gruyere, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Fontina ORParmesan Cheese

Cheese by Another Name
Ask for 8 Cheese Cutters
Chef Serve 8 Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes (Note: You can cook this recipe on your Broiler)
Serve Caprese Salad
Rewards: 1 Fontina Cheese, 3 Cheddar Cheese and 2 Mozzarella Cheese

De-Cheesing the Cheese Display
Cook Garlic Cheese Bread 4 times
Get 8 Cheese Papers from your friends
Serve Chicken Parmesan 3 times (Note: You can cook this recipe on your Skillet Station)
Rewards: Unlocks Fontina Cheese Plate, 2 Cheese Sauce and 20 XP

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