Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rapid Rosemary FAQ

Every once in a while, our chefs may run out of counter space when they are cooking various dishes. Rapid Rosemary is a spice that will clear all of the servings for a single dish in exchange for DOUBLE the coins!

What is the minimum Mastery Star requirement?
You will need at least 9 Mastery Stars to participate.

Will this be a timed event?
Yes, the event will last for 10 days (expires on 12/9 8:00 PM PST).

Where can I find details about the goals?
You can find details about the goals here.

Is the Rapid Rosemary Crate supposed to disappear?
Yes, after collecting all of the Rapid Rosemary spices from the crate, it will disappear.

How do I use Rapid Rosemary?

  1. Hover the cursor over an occupied counter.
  2. Click the counter to clear it.
  3. The Rapid Rosemary interface will appear.
  4. Click to use Rapid Rosemary on the dish
  5. Your coins will appear and your counter will be clear!

If you need to purchase more Rapid Rosemary spice, you can find them in the Marketplace.

Note: Please keep in mind that the images taken were captured prior to the release and are used for illustration purposes only. Prices may change after the feature reaches production.
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