Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shiro's Sushi Station Goals

Minimum Mastery Star Requirement: 60 Mastery Stars

Sushi Apprentice
Buy and finish the Sushi Master Station
Serve 1 Salmon Nigiri
Collect from the Water Pump 3 times
Rewards: 4 Tuna, 5 Seaweed and 10 XP

Fatty Paddy
Buy and finish the Rice Paddy Planter*
Earn 1 Mastery Star on Fatty Tuna Nigiri
Craft 1 Sushi Roll on the Rice Rinser**
Rewards: 1 Giant Tuna, 5 Seaweed and 10 XP

*: The Rice Paddy Planter will allow you gather 1 Short Grain Rice per harvest. You can have up to 3 Paddy Planters in your restaurant.
**: The Rice Rinser allows you to craft Sushi Rice or Sushi Roll
Slice, Rice and Bowl
Buy and finish the Wholesale Station***
Craft Tuna on the Wholesale Station
Earn 1 Mastery Star on Chirashi
Rewards: 1 Giant Tuna, 7 Seaweed and 50 XP

***: The Wholesale Station allows you to craft King Salmon or Tuna

Limited Time Quest : The timer will last for 7 days (expires 12/21)

Rule the Salmon
Serve 3 Rainbow Rolls
Chef Serve Chirashi 5 times (Note: Click on the thought bubble with Chirashi to serve the dish to your customers)
Craft 1 Giant Salmon on the Wholesale Station
Rewards: 3 Sushi Rolls, 6 Seaweed and 15 XP

Sushi Rice Ritual
Tend the Water Pump 10 times
Have 2 Mastery Stars on Tamago Nigiri
Ask for 6 Bamboo Rolls
Rewards: 3 Sushi Rolls, 1 Giant Tuna and 15 XP

Rice Two Ways
Earn 3 Mastery Stars on Rainbow Roll
Cook 7 times with Rice Noodles
Craft 10 Sushi Rice on the Rice Rinser
Rewards: 3 Giant Tuna, 3 Giant Salmon and 2 Instant Thyme

Note: The data listed above was gathered before the feature was released. Please keep in mind that the values may be different from what is currently in the game.
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