Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Event 2012 FAQ

The Winter Holiday Event is here! Below you'll find answers that will guide you through this event:

What is the minimum Master Star level in order for me to participate?
You need at least 9 Mastery Stars.

Will this be a timed event?
Yes, this event will last for 10 days. It is set to expire on December 20, 2012.

Will this event include Ribbons?
Yes, this event will include Ribbons.

What is the ultimate reward for collecting all of the Ribbons?
You will receive decor items and Mastery Stars! 

Will there be multiple releases of this feature?
Yes, the two-week event will be divided into two major releases (week 1 and 2). Week 1 will be divided into a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday release. Week 2 will release Monday and Tuesday the following week. Keep in mind that these dates are subject to change.

Will the Event Hall change for the Holiday Event?
Yes, the Event Hall will change to match the occasion. Clicking the Event Hall will direct you to the Holiday Event goals. 

Will my customers be dressed in a holiday outfits?
Yes, your customers will be dressed in holiday attire during this event.

I see presents growing in my restaurant. Why?
The presents will be growing in your restaurants, like pumpkins and cranberries from our previous events. Clicking on it will drop an ingredient for your Winter dishes. This ingredient will be added into your inventory. You'll also have a chance to collect a holiday teddy bear when you click on the stack of presents!

Will the presents continue to grow after the Winter Event has expired?
No. Once the Winter Event has ended, presents will no longer appear in your restaurant.

I have a teddy bear. What do I do with it?
It’s a holiday decoration! You can place the teddy bear from your inventory into your restaurant to make it feel more festive! There are 4 different teddy bears, so if you are lucky, you will be able to collect all of them.

How many times can I harvest from the stack of presents?
You can harvest the stack of presents 3 times and it will disappear.

Is the Winter Feast Chef’s Table something I have to staff?
Yes, you must staff the Winter Feast Chef’s Table in order for it to work. Once your customers have finished their meal on the Winter Feast Chef’s Table, they will drop some rewards. Please keep in mind that you will need to staff the table again in order for you to feed your customers and receive rewards. Please note that ChefVille reserves the right to change the rewards at any time.

How many Winter Feast Chef’s Tables can I have?
You can have only one.

I need Ginger. Where can I get some?
You can get Ginger by clicking on the stack of presents! You can also get Ginger from Ginger Crates. They work very similar to the Pumpkin Haybale from our Halloween event. Once you have built the Ginger Crate, you will be able to harvest Ginger from it 3 times. After the third harvest, the Ginger Crate will disappear.

Note: The information listed above was collected prior to release. The ChefVille game studio reserves the right to change the details of this event at any time without warning.
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