Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ginger's California Milk Ribbon Event

Minimum Mastery Star Requirement: 5 Mastery Stars

This is a limited time California Milk Ribbon event.

Way California Cool
Place and build Real California Dairy Stove*
Cook 3 California Cheesy French Bread dishes on the Real California Dairy Stove
Tend neighbors' Milk Truck 3 times
Rewards: Unlocks The Real Char Cheese Burger recipe, Unlocks California Cheese Strata recipe and 4 Unsalted Butter

*: You can cook The Real Char Cheese Burger, Mushroom and California Cheese Tartlets, California Garlic Cheese Pepperoni Pizza, California Cheesy French Bread and California Cheese Strata dishes on this stove.

Milk Mates
Place the Real California Dairy Fridge**
Serve 2 The Real Char Cheese Burger from the Real California Dairy Stove
Cook 3 times using Milk
Rewards: Unlocks Mushroom and California Cheese Tartlets recipe, 4 Milk and 10 XP

**: You can harvest this a total of 6 times and then it WILL DISAPPEAR. You will receive 2 Butter, 2 Cheddar, 2 Milk, 2 Butter, 2 Mozzarella and 2 Cheddar.

Cheese of California
Give Chef Service 3 times to California Cheese Strata dish (Note: Click the Californi Cheese Strata thought bubble over your customer's head to serve the dish)
Cook Mushroom and California Cheese Tartlets 2 times
Collect 8 Dairy Memories
Rewards: 2 Cheddar Cheese, 2 Parmesan Cheese and 10 XP

Dairy Dairy
Tend neighbors' Cheese Racks 5 times
Cook California Garlic Cheese Pepperoni Pizza 2 times
Earn 8 California Dairy Ribbons
Rewards: 1 Instant Thyme, 4 Milk and 10 Cow Floor Tiles

California Milk Ribbon Rewards
Real California Dairy Marble Cow Statue
Cow-Print Table
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