Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ginger's Milk Truck Upgrade Goals

Minimum Mastery Star Requirement: 13 Mastery Stars

This feature is slowly rolling out to our players. We appreciate your patience.

The Dairy Show
Upgrade the Milk Truck*
Craft 2 Ranch Dressing
Tend 6 neighbors' Milk Truck
Rewards: 3 Broccoli, 2 Parmesan Cheese and 10 XP

*: Harvesting the upgraded Milk Truck will drop 1 Milk plus another random ingredient (1 Milk, 1 Mozzarella OR 1 Unsalted Butter)

Ginger Snaps
Serve 2 Garden Salads
Serve 6 Broccoli and Dip
Ask for 8 Snappy Jacks
Rewards: 2 Cheese Sauce, 15 XP and 15 Coins

Land of Milk and Milk
Upgrade Dairy Market**
Harvest 6 Butter from Dairy Market
Cook 2 Calzones
Rewards: 2 Cow-themed Walls, 1 Cheddar and 15 XP

**: The upgraded Dairy Market (level 2) will drop 1 Milk plus another random ingredient (2 Milk, 2 Mozzarella OR 2 Unsalted Butter)

Get the Curd Out
Craft 6 Dough
Serve 6 Cheese Pizzas (Note: Use the Brick Oven to cook Cheese Pizzas)
Perform Chef Service 4 times for Caprese Salad (Note: Click on the Caprese Salad thought bubble over your customer's head to serve them)
Rewards: 3 Butter, 2 Parmesan and 15 XP

Cook 10 times with Mozzarella
Give VIP Service 6 times (Note: Click on a customer who are asking for a rose to give them VIP service)
Collect 10 Shopping Totes
Rewards: 3 Fontina Cheese, 25 XP and 30 Coins
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