Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hans Hofbrau Skillet Goals

Minimum Mastery Level: 72 Mastery Stars

The German goals will guilde players through a series of tasks around the three levels of the Hofbrau Skillet, placing harvestables, and eventually unlock an awesome German Expansion!

The following goals will not be timed:

World's Wursts
Place and build the Hofbrau Skillet (Unlocks German Meatloaf, Gelbwurst, Cabbage Rolls, Pretzel and The Carter's Roast recipes)
Serve 1 German Meatloaf
Tend 5 Neighbor's Mom n' Pop Shops
Rewards: 1 Green Cabbage, 1 Sirloin Beef and 10 XP

The Ubermeat
Buy and finish the Butcher's Kiosk (Cost: 5,000 Coins, Staff and harvest for 1 Chuck Beef, Limit 3)
Earn 1 Mastery Star for Pretzel
Tend the Butcher's Kiosk 4 times
Rewards: 1 Black Pepper, 1 Red Cabbage and 10 XP

Cabbage Connection
Buy and finish the Cabbage Patch (Cost: 4,000 Coins, Build, Randomly drops 1 Red OR 1 Green Cabbage)
Earn 1 Mastery Star for Gelbwurst
Rewards: 3 Chuck Beef, 3 Green Cabbage and 50 XP

The following goals WILL be timed:

Taste of Germany
Serve 3 Carter's Roasts
Give Chef's Service with Cabbage Rolls 6 times (Click customers asking for Cabbage Rolls to give them Chef’s Service)
Find 10 Green Cabbage from the Cabbage Patch
Rewards: 2 SALT, 1 Red Cabbage and 15 XP

Ready for Dinner
Tend 10 Wild Onions
Have 2 Mastery Stars on Cabbage Rolls
Ask for 9 Festival Flags
Rewards: 1 Rapid Rosemary, 9 Festival Flag decorations and 15 XP

No More! Nicht Mehr!
Earn 2 Mastery Stars on the Carter's Roast
Cook 8 times with Chuck Beef
Give Chef's Service 10 times with Gelbwurst (Click customers asking for Gelbwurst to give them Chef’s Service)
Rewards: 1 Limited Edition decoration reward, 2 Instant Thyme and 2 Cabbage
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