Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Having issues with the New Sushi Goals? (Wasabi Garden,Sushi with a Kick Goal,Where to get Wasabi?)

Hello Chefs,

It has been brought to our attention that some users are having issues with the new Sushi Goals: Wasabi Garden, Sushi With a Kick, How To Get Wasabi, Goal Timer.

- You can get Wasabi Roots from the Wasabi Garden.

-For the Sushi With A Kick Goal, a workaround known to solve the issue is to Craft a "Wasabi" from the Rice Rinser then click the icon and the goal should now open! 

-For the Wasabi Garden issue, make sure there is no other Wasabi Garden existing inside your restaurant before placing and building another one for it to count! 

Also, we're glad to inform you that the Timed Sushi Goals are extended! You can see them reflect in your game. We do appreciate your feedback. Hope this helps you out!
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