Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years Event FAQ

The New Year’s feature includes goals, 2 ribbon events, a new cook station, consumable Balsamic Vinaigrette Harvestable.

The rest of the events are available at 9 Mastery Stars.

- Get Healthy Eating Station
- Collect 6 jump ropes, 6 dumbbells, 4 sweat bands

What does the green leaf icon mean?
If you have over 59 Mastery Stars, you will see a green apple icon on some dishes. This means they are “healthy dishes.”

Where can I check my progress on ribbons?
The icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Do I earn Mastery Stars?
Yes. You will earn 4 Mastery Stars when you collect 27 ribbons.

What are the other prizes?
9 Ribbons – 7 corn
16 Ribbons – 2 instant thyme and 1 Mastery Star
27 Ribbons – New Year’s Eve Centerpiece Table and 3 more Mastery Stars.

How do I unlock Spicy Beef Salad?
You complete the goals “ Do the Balsamic”.

What are the rewards for completing the goals?
- avatar items
- eggs
- Asparagus
- XP
- Coins
- Tofu
- Sirloin Beef
- Corn
- One Hour Thymes
- Tuna
- New décor
- Balsamic Vinaigrette
- Russet Potatoes

What is the Balsamic Stand?
The Balsamic Stand costs 400 coins. Collect 5 Dressing Dreams, 5 Balsamic Balm. After you unlock the Stand you may collect 2 Balsamic Vinaigrette , 3 times, for a total of 6 items. Click once more to remove.

How do I upgrade my Healthy Eating Station?
Collect 5 Gym Mats and 5 Ankle Weights.

How do I unlock the Baby Chick statues?
Complete the “Fit for the New Year” goals. As you cook dishes, you unlock a total of 3 statues. You will find them in your inventory.

Where can I find the rest of my rewards?
Décor and thyme can be found in your inventory. Your new avatar items can be accessed by editing your avatar.

What counts when "tending onions" for the task?
Tending onions at your own restaurant counts for this part of the goal. You may also purchase onions for hearts and tend them. 

Note: The information listed above was collected prior to release. The ChefVille game studio reserves the right to change the details of this event at any time without warning.

***If you have over 59 Mastery Stars, you may also have a Healthy Meter. 
(this meter goes up when you cook dishes marked with the green leaf.)
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