Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Neighbor Visits

There are plenty of reasons to visit your neighbors! Here are just a few of them!

When you visit neighbors, you can:

- Tend a variety of ingredients to earn coins and a chance at that ingredient!
- You may sit down and eat!
- You can tend someone 
- Perform 5 actions
- Earn energy and hearts!

Hearts help you purchase items in the Marketplace!

For example: When you eat the Veggie Kabobs, you have a chance to earn coins and an ingredient. 

It gets even better! 

The more you visit, the more rewards you earn!

After your first visit, you are a Casual Diner. You will earn Energy and Salt. 

At your third visit, you become a regular and earn better rewards, including Pepper!

You will need salt and pepper for your recipes!

*Game Tip!Start visiting your friends on your first day! This way, you’ll have salt and pepper by the time you need them for your new recipes! Also, don't forget there's an inventory limit on hearts of 100. Make sure to spend some in the Marketplace. (I spent my first 50 on that rockin' Jukebox!)
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