Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guide to Roses and VIP Service

ChefVille introduces a new way of showing your appreciation for your loyal restaurant customers: Roses and VIP Service.

Where can I collect Roses?
You can collect Roses by clicking on the Rose Stand when it’s ready to be harvested.

Hovering over the Rose Stand will indicate how many Roses you will harvest.

When the Rose Stand has been harvested, it will have less Rose blossoms. Hover over the Rose Stand to find out when you can harvest the Rose Stand again.

What if I don’t want to wait for my Rose Stand to refill? Where can I get more Roses?
You can purchase more roses in the Marketplace. You will find a set of 3, 5 and 10 Roses under the “Services” sub tab of "Consumables".

What can I do with Roses?
Roses will allow you to provide your loyal customers with VIP service.

Why should I provide VIP Service to my customers?
Providing VIP Service to your customers will reward you with XP and Recommendations. Hover over a customer requesting VIP Service and you will see the rewards.

Why do I need Recommendations?
Collecting recommendations will help you along with your goal requirements.

When can I provide VIP Services to my customers?
You can provide VIP Service if you have at least one Rose in your inventory, Energy and when you see a Rose icon over your customers.

Simply click on the customer with a Rose icon and the VIP Service will begin.

How many times can I provide VIP Service to my customers?
You can provide as many VIP Service to your customers as long as you have Energy, Roses and customers asking for VIP Service.

I have 80 Recommendations and now my customers are not asking for VIP Service. Why?
The current Recommendations limit is 80, therefore your customers will no longer ask for it. This is working as designed. If you would like to collect more Recommendations, you must spend some Recommendations and your customer will request for VIP Service again.

How do I spend my Recommendations?
Some of your future goal requirements will ask you to collect recommendations in order for you to progress.
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