Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cooking in ChefVille

Welcome to ChefVille!

Each Cooking Station cooks a different series of dishes.

1. Click the Cooking Station (in this case, a Grill) to start a dish.

This opens the Grill Menu.

If the ingredients on the left are in a green circle with a checkmark, you have the ingredients to cook the dish.

2. If the ingredients are grayed out, click the yellow arrow to see how to get the ingredients. You will see a list of friends who have the ingredient. Visit their restaurant and harvest that ingredient or vendor (shop holding the ingredient) to use in the dish.

You may also purchase the ingredient, or you may just have to go harvest or forage for items outside your own restaurant.

3. When you have all ingredients, click Start to start cooking.

4. Click each step to start cooking!

The remaining time will show in a window above the dish. The dish spoils in either 12 hours or twice the amount of time it took to cook, whichever is longer.

Cooking some recipes even earn you a real recipe to cook at home!

See “Real Recipes" HERE.
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