Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Menu items: Move, Inventory, Marketplace, Avatar Customization

At the bottom of your screen, you will be able to access:

- Decorate Mode (The Green Arrow)
- Marketplace (The Shopping Cart)
- Inventory (The open box) 
- Avatar Customization (The Chef Hat)

Decorate Mode (Green Arrow)

When you click the green arrow, you can scroll around your world easier and redecorate. 

A new menu appears when you open this mode:

1) Edit Floor – 
Edit your floors with ease with this tool. 
- Click icon 1.
- If you want to edit existing floors, choose:

  • Store (icon 2)

  • Sell (icon 3)

  • Rotate (icon 4)

  • Move (icon 5)

- If you want to use something from your inventory, click (icon 6) 
- If you want to add new floors click the Marketplace (icon 7)

When you make a selection, you will be prompted to confirm choices for future actions:

Check the box to continue without the warning. 

When you are laying new floor or adding new walls, you’ll be able to click the ground or wall repeatedly, to decorate quickly!

After you’re done decorating, just click the check mark (icon 8) 

If you’d like to cancel, choose the red circle with the cross (pictured below)

Decorating with other items:

You have all the options available with flooring with other decorations. 

**If you store or sell a wall with a light on it, the light will be stored.
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