Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guide to Trees

Trees are a functional decoration that will not only give your restaurant a nice “touch”, but you can also harvest fruit from them. When you have a tree in your restaurant area, it will be ready to harvest.

Each tree is harvestable up to three times. Harvest fruit from a tree by clicking on it. Mouse over the tree to find out how many harvests you have left. The number in the fruit icon indicates how many of these ingredients you will receive when you harvest from the tree.

Once you harvest a tree, it will appear less colorful and you will not be able to harvest from the same tree for a little while. Keep in mind that the time between each harvest may vary from tree to tree. Mouse over the tree to find out the wait time.

Once you have harvested a tree three times, your tree will no longer display fruit. You will not be able to store an empty tree, but you can clear it from your restaurant area by clicking on it again. 

If you need more fruit, you can purchase another tree from the Marketplace or you can visit your neighbor’s restaurant and harvest their trees. Keep in mind that actions done in your neighbor’s restaurant only gives you a chance for random drops.
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