Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Having trouble progressing your "This Little Piggy goal"? Click here!

Hey Chefs!

It came to us that our fellow chefs are having the following issue with the "This Little Piggy" goal: 

  • This Little Piggy 2 of 4 goal:
- Cooking Dishes with the White Truffle won't count towards Task Progress
- Players are required to Cook Seasonal dishes from the Grill. However, Seasonal Dishes is unavailable in the said cooking station.

  • This Little Piggy 3 of 4 goal icon is missing after completing This Little Piggy 2 of 4.

We are looking into these issues and we hope to resolve these in the soonest possible time. If you're affected by these issues, make sure to click the "Please Fix!" button below and w
e will update this article once we get this fixed. We appreciate your patience!

Want this issue fixed?
Vote to let us know!
Please fix!
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