Friday, August 2, 2013

FAQ: Partner Cake Making

Hiya Chefs!

Today we will make a cake together with a friend! The cake will be so huge you shall both win big prizes!​

Here are some of the how to's about the feature:

1. How does Partner Cake Making Works?

This is a new mechanic that takes elements of both quests and catering.
The player will collect Evaporated Milk (new Feed) and Sweet Butter (new harvestable) to craft Cake Frosting. This frosting is used to Frost the cake, making it better. At certain breakpoints, the cake progresses in size from small to medium to large to one of the Epic Cakes.
Working with a chosen partner accelerates the player's progress, as every Frosting action gives progress towards both of the players' cakes!

2. If a partner accept my request to build a cake, but did not do anything to complete it, will I still be able to finish building my cake?

Yes, you will still be able to complete it.

3. How will you know if you and your partner are working on the same cake?

Click on the decoration station and see the picture and name of your partner on each cake you are working on

4. If there is a goal needed to frost a cake x times, do I have to frost the same amount of require frosting to different cakes?

No, you can also do it on one cake.

5. When you complete the cake, will you be able to store/sell it?

No, you will not be able to store it on your inventory, but you can sell it.

6. When the cake progresses on my end, would my partner see the same progress I am seeing?

Yes, you will both see how many frosting left for the two of you to add to complete building your cake. But if you are both playing at the same time, you will have to refresh your game first to see your real progress.

7. What will happen to my cake if I have already exhausted all of the 10 harvest from it?

The cake will be a decoration.
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