Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tapas Table Goals

Minimum Mastery Star Requirement: 21 Mastery Stars

This is a timed event and it will have multiple releases.

Eat and Run
Place and finish the Tapas Table
Eat 10 Dishes at your Neighbors' Restaurants
Serve Battered Chicken Tapas 5 times
Rewards: 15 XP, 15 Coins, 3 Lemon

Olive the Tapas
Place and finish the Olive Bar
Collect 6 Pitted Olives
Have 2 Mastery Stars for your Lemon Olive Tapas
Rewards: 25 XP, 25 Coins, 2 Pitted Olives

Just Stuff It
Collect 7 Serving Plates from friends
Collect 10 Tomatoes
Have 2 Mastery Stars for your Olive Stuffed Tomato Tapas
Rewards: 50 XP, 100 Coins, 3 Instant Thyme

This is the end of the first release. Once the ChefVille game studio release more goals, we will update this thread.
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