Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gourmet Mastery Questions? Read here!

Introducing Gourmet Cakes Mastery!

Earn Gourmet Mastery Points by adding special ingredients on top on your Cake recipes and get special rewards! 

Here's how: 

1. Click your Cake Oven and select a dish. *Take note of the Gourmet Cooks needed below to get Gourmet Mastery

2. Click the "Add Gourmet Ingredient" button. The more Gourmet Ingredients added, the higher the chance of getting a Gourmet Mastery point.

Before cooking

After cooking

3.  To check on your Gourmet Mastery Progress, click on the Cake Display Case.

4. You can also check your Physical Display Case and see Gift Boxes that means you have a Gourmet Mastery on a dessert! *Once you Gourmet Mastered all 11 desserts, the boxes will transform into cakes! 

Note: You will either gain Gourmet Mastery or Regular Mastery when cooking a dessert dish. Adding a Gourmet Ingredient will give you a chance at getting a Gourmet Mastery, therefore your dish will not count towards Regular Mastery.

For more information, you can read here. We hope this satisfies your sweet cravings!
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