Friday, February 22, 2013

Madeline's Terrific Thai Station

Minimum Mastery Star Requirement: 75 Mastery Stars

This is a timed event and it will have multiple releases.

You will be able to earn a NEW EXPANSION!
25,000 Coins
75 Recommendations
Earn 45 Mastery Stars on the Terrific Thai Station

Poultry in Motion
Place and finish the Terrific Thai Station
Tend the Poultry Butcher 6 times
Tend 5 of your Neighbors' Wild Onions
Rewards: 2 Lemongrass, 2 SALT and 10 XP

A Grilling Spree
Place and finish the Thai Garden
Have 3 Mastery Stars for the Thai Grilled Chicken
Tend the Thai Garden 8 times
Rewards: 2 Coconut Milk, 2 Pepper and 20 XP

Picking Up Steam
Buy and finish the Coconut Milk Stand
Collect 7 Bamboo Steamers
Have 3 Mastery Stars for Thai Coconut Rice
Rewards: 3 Coconut Milk, 2 Salvage Sage and 50 XP

Sweeten The Pot
Serve Wonton Soup 5 times
Chef Serve Vegetable Pot Sticker 5 times (Click on your customers asking for Vegetable Pot Sticker to Chef Serve them!)
Collect 5 Lemongrass from the Thai Garden
Rewards: 2 Lemongrass, 1 Salvage Sage and 15 XP

Wantin' Wonton
Tend Neighbors' Garlic Stalls 8 times
Have 2 Mastery Stars for Wonton Soup
Serve Thai Coconut Rice 3 times
Rewards: 2 Coconut Milk, 2 SALT and 30 XP

Tropical Treats
Collect 8 Thai Tiffins
Cook 6 times with Coconut Milk
Have 2 Mastery Stars for Chicken Coconut Soup
Rewards: 1 Lotus Flower decoration, 2 Instant Thyme and 50 XP
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