Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Can't open your Inbox(ZMC)?

Hello Chefs!

It came to our attention that the Zynga Message Center (Inbox) of some users aren't responding when clicked.

The ChefVille Studio is checking on this issue and if you're affected by this concern, kindly click the "Please Fix" button below for us to better track how many users are affected by this issue.

Also, make sure you are done with the following troubleshooting steps below:
How to Clear my Cache?

Also, check our Forums thread about this issue here. Keep in mind that this issue is different where you can open the inbox, but don't see anything in it. The reason the above issue is because you have collected all of your requests and the system needs time to update. Therefore you may see a number on your inbox and when clicked, it is empty. Afterwards, the inbox will sync again and the number should disappear. We hope this helps you out. Thanks!
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Please fix!
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