Thursday, November 22, 2012

Why is my Chef's Table losing Staff?

Hello Chefs, 

Players have expressed a lot of concern over the Chef's Table and we would like to outline how the table works. The Chef's Table is a new table design with high rewards.The following bullet points outlines details about the Chef's Table that will clarify how this feature works. The pictures also outline the high reward payout. 


Chef's Table Details: 
  • Requires a staff of 6 members. Find friends to staff the table or purchase staff positions for cash
  • The Chef's Table needs to be re-staffed after every single use. Purchasing positions with cash will not be permanent
  • Through the Thanksgiving holiday an Instant Thyme is being offered every time the table is used
  • Serve 6 guests at a time! 
  • Earn large rewards upon completion of the Chef's Table and after serving each set of 6 guests! 
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