Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Colby's Meat Locker Goals

Hello chefs,

With the release of Colby's Meat Locker quest, players can now increase their inventory limit! Below are some answers to your frequently asked questions about this feature:

What is the minimum Mastery Star requirement for Colby's Meat Locker goal?
You need at least 19 Mastery Stars in order to see these goals.

Is this a timed quest?
Yes, this is a timed goal. You have 6 days to complete it (expires Monday 12/3, Noon PST).

Where can I find the Meat Locker?
You can find the Meat Locker in the Marketplace.

Can I store the Meat Locker?
Yes, you should be able to store it, but not sell it and your inventory cap upgrade never goes away.

What will I receive after completing Colby's Meat Locker goal?
You will receive new recipes, ingredients, a new counter and increase your ingredient caps for Sirloin Beef (currently 15) to 20! 

What if I don't finish Colby's Meat Locker goals in time, will I still be able to increase the storage cap for my Sirloin Beef?

Can I increase the ingredient cap for my other ingredients?
No, not at this time. The ChefVille game studio will release more features that will allow you to increase the inventory cap for your other ingredients in the future.

Goal information:

Meet the Meat Locker
Place and staff the Read Meat Locker
Cook 1 Grilled Steak Panini on the Grill
Chef Serve 5 Hamburgers (Note: Click on a customer that has a Hamburger bubble over their head for your chef to serve to them)
Rewards: 1 Marinated Beef, 2 Parmesan Cheese and 50 Coins

Raw Deal
Cook with Sirloin Beef 7 times
Ask friends for 4 Meat Thermometers
Tend 6 Mom 'N Pop Shops from neighbors
Rewards: 3 Sirloin Beef, 1 Kidney Beans and 1 Salmon

You Got Served Beef
Cook Roast Beef Sandwich 3 times
Provide Chef's Serve with Steak Florentine 8 times (Note: Click on a customer that has a Steak Florentine bubble over their head for your chef to serve to them)
Craft 2 Beef Broth on the Broth Pot 
Rewards: 1 BBQ Sauce, 1 Asparagus and 1 Cow Counter

Please keep in mind that the values you see above may differ from what you see in the game.
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