Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ChefVille - Current Issues

Hello Chefs!

It's been brought to our attention that our fellow Chefs are having different issues in their game. Below are some of the bugs we are working on a fix.

Harvesting Cheese Rack not counting to your Spice Girl goal? Click Here!
Birthday Double Mastery and Birthday Speedy Ingredient Statues not working
- Pie Display Case appearance showing as Tart Display Case after earning all Pie Gourmet Mastery
- Pie Tier 1 & 2 rewards not being received
- Avatar moving slow after serving coffee

- Not able to complete Bicycle Trader (buildable)
- Oops error when upgrading the Tomato Trader to Expert.
We are working to solve the other issues as quickly as possible. If you're affected by these issues, make sure to click the "Please fix!" button below and we will update this article once we get these fixed. Thanks for your continued patience and understanding.
Want this issue fixed?
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Please fix!
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