Saturday, September 21, 2013

Autumn Harvest Countdown Goals

The goals are timed and will be released multiple times:

The Autumn Harvest - 1 of 4
Place your Harvest Cooker
Collect some Cranberries
Cook Salmon with Cranberries
Rewards: 2 Carrots, 10 XP, 2 Autumn Acorns

The Autumn Harvest - 2 of 4
Harvest your Lentil Crate
Tend your neighbor's Wild Onions
Serve Lentil Soup
Rewards: 2 Salt, 15 XP, 3 Autumn Acorns

The Autumn Harvest - 3 of 4
Harvest your Tomato Plant
Eat Dishes At Your Neighbors' Restaurant
Cook Roaster Pear Soup
Rewards: 2 Flour, 20 XP, 4 Autumn Acorns

The Autumn Harvest - 4 of 4
Craft 4 Dough
Have Mastery Stars for Lentil Soup
Serve Pumpkin-Sage Pasta
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