Monday, July 22, 2013

Organic Farm Expansion & Goals

What is the Organic Farm?
The Organic Farm is a free new expansion for your restaurant in ChefVille! It includes new cooking, recipes, and even crops you can plant and harvest for your recipes!

Minimum Mastery Stars requirement: 10 Mastery Stars

How do I find the Organic Farm?
If you have 10 Mastery Stars, the Organic Farm will be automatically unlocked! You can find it by looking for the following items in your restaurant:

Garden Quests!
Included with the Organic Garden is a series of Garden Quests.

The goals are timed and will be released multiple times:

Garden to Table - 1 of 5
Click on the Garden Sign!
Plant and Harvest Garden Shallot Crops!
Complete your Garden Cooker!
Rewards: 1 Instant Thyme, 1 Kale Crop Unlock, 100 Coins

Garden to Table - 2 of 5
Plant and Harvest some Kale!
Serve Kale Turnovers from your Garden Cooker
Upgrade your Garden Cooker to Intermediate!
Rewards: 1 Backyard Broccoli Crop Unlock, 200 Coins, 1 Garden Goodies Crate (small)

Garden to Table - 3 of 5
Harvest Backyard Broccoli
Plant some Backyard Broccoli Crop and then harvest it!
Upgrade your Garden Cooker to Expert!
Rewards: 1 Zesty Zucchini Crop Unlock, 300 Coins, 1 Garden Goodies Crate (medium)

Garden to Table - 4 of 5
Harvest Zesty Zucchini
Serve Roasted Garden Shish Kabob
Complete your Separator to breakdown your garden ingredients!
Rewards: 1 Hanging Spice Rack, 400 Coins, 1 Garden Goodies Crate

Garden to Table - 5 of 5
Craft Zucchini on the Garden Separator
Serve Zucchini and Shallot Bruschetta
Complete your Garden Food Processor
Rewards: 1 Picnic Counter Cloth, 500 Coins, +2 Crop Cap
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