Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4 Sweepstakes Info!

ChefVille 4th of July Sweepstakes

What is the ChefVille 4th of July Sweepstakes?

The 4th of July sweepstakes is a fun way to celebrate the holiday and try and win some great prizes! Chef’s place, build, and launch fireworks to celebrate and earn Sweepstakes Tickets as a reward.

Every ticket you earn or buy is one entry into the sweepstakes!

In addition, you also get exciting rewards for collecting more Sweepstakes Tickets!

How do I participate in the sweepstakes?

Participating in the 4th of July sweepstakes is easy, just follow the following steps and you will be launching fireworks in no time!

Finding the Sweepstakes Menu:

When you load ChefVille you may see a screen explaining the sweepstakes. If you do, click the “Let’s Go!” button and you will be taken to the sweepstakes event screen.

If you don’t see the screen for the sweepstakes, or would like to access it later, just click the pop out drawer on the top left side of your restaurant and then the July 4th Sweepstakes icon to open the main menu.

Placing Fireworks:

To start building your own fireworks, click the “Place Firework” button and you will be taken to your restaurant in placement mode and be able to place the firework in any open space. 

Building Fireworks:

After placing the firework you will be prompted to build the firework with help from other Chef’s. If you want to build the firework immediately you can skip these requests with Chef Cash. 

Launching Fireworks:

After they are built, fireworks are ready to launch! To launch them just click the completed firework in your restaurant and it will launch and give you a Sweepstakes Ticket and other exciting rewards! 

Getting More Sweepstakes Tickets:

To get more Sweepstakes Tickets just return to the event screen and click the “Place Firework” button again. Alternatively you can purchase tickets directly using the “Buy Tickets” button in event screen!

What could I win?

There are three tiers of prize winners in the ChefVille 4th of July Sweepstakes as well as threshold rewards that all players can unlock:

Grand Prize - One Winner:
  • 10,000 Chef Cash
  • 10 Mystery Crates

Silver Prize - 20 Winners:
  • 1,000 Chef Cash
  • 5 Mystery Crates

Bronze Prize - 100 Winners:
  • 500 Chef Cash
  • 3 Mystery Crates

Threshold Prizes – Available to all Chefs:
  • Collect 10 Tickets and receive 5 Instant Thyme!
  • Collect 25 Tickets and receive 2 Golden Crates!
  • Collect 50 Tickets and receive 7 Golden Crates!

When does the sweepstakes end?

The sweepstakes will end on July 8th, 2013 at 12:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

How will winners be notified?

Sweepstakes winners will be notified by email. Prizes will be granted directly to their ChefVille accounts by July 15th 2013.
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