Friday, April 12, 2013

Stuffed Pasta Goals

Minimum Mastery Star requirement: 12 Mastery Stars

The goals are timed and will have two releases. 

Pockets of Pasta
Place and Buildd your Stuffed Pasta Station!
Cook Beef Ravioli 5 times
Give Chef's Services for Beef Ravioli
Rewards: 2 Ricotta Cheese, 10 XP, 20 Coins

Shroom Stuffed
Collect 8 Pasta Pressers
Cook Wild Mushroom Ravioli 6 times
Tend Neighbor's Wild Mushroom Plants 12 times
Rewards: 4 Ricotta Cheese, 20 XP, 30 Coins

Present the Pockets
Cook Spinach Ravioli 2 times
Give 12 VIP Services to your customers
Rewards: 2 Instant Thyme, 40 XP, 50 Coins

This is the end of the first release. Once the ChefVille game studio release more goals, we will update this thread.

Note: The information listed above was collected prior to release. The ChefVille game studio reserves the right to change the details of this event at any time without warning.
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