Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where is my Level 2 Haunted Broiler

Hi Chefs! 

We have a fun, spooky event haunting your restaurant this Halloween.. They'll be new dishes, cookers, and a set of quests that will have your diners show up in costume!

We wanted to call one particular part of the quest to your attention: 

Colby will introduce a quest and ask you to build a Pumpkin Processor. When you get to part 2, there is a task to serve Pumpkin Casserole from the Haunted Broiler. 

To cook this dish, you need a level 2 Haunted Broiler, which is not available yet. Don't worry! It's coming out in the next part of the quest, sometime next week. This won't affect the timing of your quests; we just want to make sure it's not confusing! 

We hope you enjoy the Halloween event!

For the most up-to- date info, please visit the Chefville Forums.

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