Friday, October 19, 2012

10/16 Release Notes

- Creamy Broccoli Soup Real Recipe is being sent instead of the Broccoli Cheese Soup Real Recipe
- 'Avatar' cooks dishes behind the 'Deep Fryer'
- Task 2 of Dough Boy! (quest_r3_colby_breadmaker_1) increments from crafting dough instead of collecting as stated in the quest task
- Required number of ‘XP’ fails to appear for ‘Tables and Chairs’ in ‘Market’
- Pommes Frites Feed has inconsistencies
- Tending neighbor's harvestable when at inventory cap results in error when ingredient is dropped
- Veggie Garden quest - update mastery star requirement
- [Halloween Event] quest_event_halloween012_w1b_2 cannot be completed until Week 2
- [Halloween Event] task 3 updates when one hour thyme is used, not when casserole is served
- The Mastery pop up for Pomme Frites has an oversized icon of the pomme frites
- Fix staffing quest issue with haybale
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