Saturday, September 29, 2012

FAQ : County Fair

Hello everyone,

Here are some information that you may find helpful about the County Fair:

How long will the County Fair last?
The County Fair will last for 16 days.

How will I know when the event will expire?
There will be an icon you can click on that will display a timer.

Will everyone have this feature?
Yes, everyone will be able to participate in the County Fair.

Will there be builders in this event?
Yes, there will be 2 builders in this event. Each week will introduce a single builder for a total of 2. Week 1 will feature the Hot Dog Cart and the Mustard Dispenser.

Will there be new recipes I can cook?
Yes, there will be 15 new recipes.

Will there be County Fair decor items that I can buy to decorate my restaurant?
Yes, there will be limited edition County Fair decorations you can buy. Hurry and get them before the event ends.

How can I get these decor items?
Chefs who've collected a large number of Ribbons during the event will be awarded PREMIUM decor items. That's some major bragging rights!

How can I collect Ribbons?
You can collect Ribbons by cooking County Fair dishes from the Hot Dog Cart.

Where can I see how many Ribbons I've collected?
Your Ribbons will be displayed under your coins.

I need mustard. How can I get some?
You can receive Mustard from harvesting from your completed Mustard Dispenser.

Where can I find the Meat Grinder?
Go to "Services", then "Crafting Stations" and you should see it for sale for 500 coins.
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