Thursday, September 27, 2012

9/25 Release

The following bugs were fixed:
  • Customers become stuck at tables after attempting a chef's service with no energy
  • "Craft, Cook, Repeat" goal refers to the wrong appliance on the 3rd task to unlock
  • 'Mastery Stars' fails to appear when dishes are placed on the 'Pizzeria Counter'
  • Mushroom Flatbread drops Zucchini when being harvested by a neighbor
  • Users cannot have a full bar for Regular Visit
  • Players are able to edit Madeline's Restaurant
  • Mom n' Pop Upgrade : Quest task only updates 1 beef per harvest instead of 2
  • 'Post Request' button fails to grey out for the item 'Get Shutters' in the pop up 'Finish Your Granary'
  • Broccoli Stand is elevated from the ground
  • Italian Cuisine quest 5 of 6 has unfriendly debug test in the quest completion screen
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