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How Gifts Work

How Gifts Work

Processing Gifts

When people send you gifts, parts, and requests, they go into a queue (They are not processed immediately). The queue of gifts is processed in batches. While these batches are processed quickly, if you are a very active player, your list may be very long! If your list is very long, some items may continue to be received while you are playing. Opening your game starts the process and this process is continued, behind the scenes, while you play. 

When a new series of goals and parts are introduced it is normal to experience a short delay in gift processing since receiving these parts requires for them to be processed behind the scenes. 

Tips on Accepting Gifts
-Strategically accept gifts through your inbox by selecting the most important parts first (Try not to accepteverything at once!).-Accept gifts in smaller batches, this will ensure they are processed faster by maintaining a small queue of pending items.

The only limits on gifts are ones sent from the Free Gift Page and Mystery Gifts. You may receive 200 of these a day. There are only the standard inventory limits on other items you receive. You will be notified about limits in small boxes that pop out of the right side of the screen. 

Feeds, Requests and Limits

Viral items are limited on the sending side. For example, when you send out a certain amount of requests, your friend list will get shorter. This is because you already sent the daily limit (or item limit) to that person. 

Clicking feeds to receive rewards can be limited by the amount of clicks available on that feed or the amount of time the feed has been active. It also may be limited by the amount of feeds you've clicked on that day (24 hours.)

Find your feeds quickly!
If you do not see feeds, this could be due to feed aggregation on your on page. Game feeds are grouped together into one box. However, here's a link that will allow you to see a full page of ChefVille Feeds: Click Here

We are constantly working on ways to make this experience easier.
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