Friday, January 24, 2014

Save the Bears goals

Minimum Mastery Stars requirement: 9 Mastery Stars

The goals are timed & will be released multiples times:

Feed the Bears

1 of 3
Place the Bear Cave
Place and complete the Infused Honey Cooker
Place the Grizzly Bear
Rewards: 1 Hibiscus, 100 XP, 1 One-Hour Thyme

2 of 3
Harvest Hibiscus from the Maple Syrup Tree
Cook Hibiscus-Honey Oranges
Feed the Grizzly Bear (How?*You can also get Honey Pots by completing the goals
Rewards: 2 Salt, 200 XP, 1 Rapid Rosemary

3 of 3
Place and complete the Marjoram Crate
Cook Marjoram-Honey Salad
Complete the Bear Cave
Rewards: 3 Hibiscuses, 300 XP, 2 Honey Pots

Below are the Buildables, Cooking & Crafting stations & Harvestables that will be released in this event:


Infused Honey Cooker [BasicIntermediate]


Bear Cave [BasicIntermediateGizzly Bear Black Bear | Polar Bear


Marjoram Crate | Maple Tree [Upgrade]
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