Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teas Goals

Minimum Mastery Requirements: 12 Mastery Stars

The goals are timed and will be released multiple times:

Wander to Wonderland - 1 of 3
Place the Wonderland Caterpillar
Complete the Mad Hatter Station
Click the Drinks Sign
Rewards: 2 Water, 1 Tea Tastes, 100 Coins

Wander to Wonderland - 2 of 3
Have Mad Hatter Menus
Complete the Potted Lavender Plant
Brew Blueberry Bliss Tea
Rewards: 2 Blueberry, 1 Tea Tastes, 150 Coins

Wander to Wonderland - 3 of 3
Have Tea Plates
Harvest your Lavender Potted Plant
Have Mastery Stars for Watermelon Mint Tea
Rewards: 1 One Hour Thyme, 1 Tea Tastes, 200 Coins
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