Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Deli Building

The Deli Building will allow you to store other buildings. You will get 2 slots unlocked for free and then either buy or get parts from neighbors. Buildings stored will still be upgradable and staff able, as normal. 

Below are the Storable buildings:

  • Mom 'n Pop Shop
  • Milk Truck/Store
  • Chicken Coop
  • Sweet Shop
  • Farmer's Market Tent
  • Poultry Butcher
  • Natural Foods Shop
  • Pickup TruckRusset (even if not a building)
  • Red Meat Butcher
  • Fine Foods Shop

This feature has 4 untimed goals associated with it:

The Great Simplifier - New Deli 1 of 4
Place the Deli
Tend 5 Ingredients at a Neigbor's Restaurant
Gather 8 Salad Plates
Rewards: 3 Milk, 10 XP, 20 Coins

Deli Bagels - New Deli 2 of 4
Gather 8 Egg Bagels
Store 2 Buildings in the Deli
Complete the Deli
Rewards: 2 Flour, 10 XP, 20 Coins

Deli in, Deli Out - New Deli 3 of 4
Harvest Once from Madeline's Deli
Gather 10 Parfaits
Remove 1 Stored Item from the Deli
Rewards: 2 Garlic, 10 XP, 20 Coins

Oil-Ready - New Deli 4 of 4
Gather 10 Olive Oil Dispensers
Harvest All Ready Items from the Deli
Upgrade the Deli to level 2
Rewards: 2 Bottles of dressing, 10 XP, 20 Coins
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